RealLine HHV – 6

The RealLine HHV-6 kits are designed for sensitive detection of HHV-6 DNA in clinical samples by Real-Time PCR.

All components are lyophilized and ready-to use.

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HHV-6 infections can asymptomatically occur early in life with lifelong persistence. Primary infection with HHV-6 causes roseola infantum, a common childhood disease that resolves spontaneously. The virus remains latent in lymphocytes and monocytes and persists at low levels in cells and tissues. It can reactivate at a later date, and is believed to contribute to diseases of the bone marrow and/or central nervous system in some patients, including mononucleosis like illness with fever, lymphadenopathy, hepatitis, fatal encephalitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and possibly multiple sclerosis. Transmission of HHV-6 is believed to occur as a result of exposure to saliva.


Clinical Material

  • Blood samples (serum, plasma)
  • Scrapings of epithelial cells
  • Saliva
  • Semen
  • Prostatic fluid
  • Urine
  • Whole blood,
  • Leukocytic mass

Detection channels

  • FAM (495 – 520 nm) for Internal Control (IC)
  • ROX (575 – 602 nm) for HHV-6 DNA

For optimal results please always use the RealLine Internal Control. In case you do not use RealLine Extraction kits, order RealLine Internal Control (REF VBC8881) seperately.


In Str-format kits the Ready-Mastermix is lyophilized and prepared in 0.2 ml white tubes arranged in a plate. For the preparation the respective number of tubes can be easily cutted.  50 µl of extracted DNA/RNA have to be pipetted to the tubes, close the tubes with PCR- foil or caps and run the test. The tubes are medium-profile tubes and fit to RealLine Cyclers, BIO-RAD cyclers and others.


For Fla-format 10 Tests of the lyophilized Mastermix is filled in one vial. Pipette 300 µl of the Recovery Solution into the vial, incubate at RT for 15 min and then pipette 25 µl into your tubes or plates which fit optimally to your cycler. Add 25 µl of DNA/RNA after the extraction procedure and run the program.

RealLine Cycler 48 or RealLine Cycler 96 (BIORON Diagnostics GmbH) for Str, Fla and Uni format

CFX96, iQ5 iCycler (Bio-Rad, USA) for Str, Fla and Uni format

DT96, DTLite (DNA-Technology, Russia) for Str, Fla and Uni format

Rotor-Gene® 3000, Rotor-Gene® 6000 and Rotor-Gene® Q (Qiagen, Germany) for Uni and Fla format

Eco48 (PCRMax, GB) for Fla-format

Our kits can be used with other Real-Time cyclers from ABI, Roche, Agilent etc.
Please read the IFU properly and ask us for recommendations of device settings!

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IFU - VBD2151

Additional information

Additional information

RealLine HHV - 6

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