RealLine Rubella

In vitro Diagnostics

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Product name Cat.No. Format Packsize
RealLine Rubella (Str-format)
VBD2598 Str 48 Tests
RealLine Rubella (Fla-format)
VBD2596 Fla 50 Tests

Rubella is a common childhood infection usually with minimal systemic upset although transient arthropathy may occur in adults. The primary medical danger of Rubella is the infection of pregnant women because it can cause congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) in developing fetus which entails a range of serious incurable illnesses.


The RealLine Rubella kits are designed for sensitive direct detection of Rubella RNA in clinical samples by one-step real-time PCR. The kits are designed for qualitative in vitro diagnostics.

Sample Material

  • Blood serum, plasma

Real-Time PCR Detection Channels

  • FAM (495-520 nm)
  • Internal Control IC
  • ROX (575-602 nm)
  • Rubella and Positive Control

Validated Cyclers

  • RealLine Cycler 96 and RealLine Cycler 48 (BIORON Diagnostics GmbH)
  • Str, Fla, Uni
  • iQ™ iCycler, iQ5™ iCycler, CFX96™ (Bio-Rad, USA)
  • Str, Fla, Uni
  • DT96, DTLite (DNA-Technology, Russia)
  • Str, Fla, Uni
  • Rotor-Gene® 3000, Rotor-Gene® 6000 and Rotor-Gene® Q (Qiagen, Germany)
  • Uni, Fla
  • Eco48, (PCRMax, GB)
  • Fla

Our kits can be used with other real-time cyclers from companies ABI, ROCHE, Agilent etc. Please read the IFU properly, and ask us for recommendations for the settings.