Trichomonas vaginalis

In vitro Diagnostics


Product name Cat.No. Format Packsize
RealLine Trichomonas vaginalis (Str-format)
VBD2098 Str 96 Tests
RealLine Trichomonas vaginalis (Fla-format)
VBD2096 Fla 100 Tests

 Trichomonas vaginalis  - a flagellate - causes trichomoniasis, a disease that causes vaginal infections in women and urethritis in men. The transmission of trichomoniasis runs through sexual intercourse and is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. 


The RealLine Trichomonas vaginalis kits detects Trichomonas vaginalis genomic DNA in clinical samples by real-time PCR. The kit is designed for in vitro diagnostics and provides qualitative detection.

Sample Material

  • Scrapings of epithelial cells
  • Semen
  • Prostatic secretion
  • Urine

Real-Time PCR Detection Channels

  • FAM (495-520 nm)
  • Internal Control IC
  • ROX (575-602 nm)
  • Trichomonas vaginalis and Positive Control

Validated Cyclers

  • RealLine Cycler 96 and RealLine Cycler 48 (BIORON Diagnostics GmbH)
  • Str, Fla, Uni
  • iQ™ iCycler, iQ5™ iCycler, CFX96™ (Bio-Rad, USA)
  • Str, Fla, Uni
  • DT96, DTLite (DNA-Technology, Russia)
  • Str, Fla, Uni
  • Rotor-Gene® 3000, Rotor-Gene® 6000 and Rotor-Gene® Q (Qiagen, Germany)
  • Uni, Fla
  • Eco48, (PCRMax, GB)
  • Fla

Our kits can be used with other real-time cyclers from companies ABI, ROCHE, Agilent etc. Please read the IFU properly, and ask us for recommendations for the settings.