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RealLine DNA - Express

In vitro Diagnostics


Product name Cat.No. Packsize
RealLine DNA - Express
VBC8899 100 Tests


The RealLine DNA-Express kit is intended for use in clinical practice in the process of diagnostics of different diseases like sexually transmitted infections (STI) and HPV.

The kit is validated for the extraction of DNA from samples described below and can be used for rapid extraction (15 to 30 minutes). The RealLine DNA-Express kit provides an easy and low budget use with standard laboratoy equipment. The DNA can be used for the subsequent detection in Real-Time PCR analysis.

The kits contains all reagents for the independent extraction of DNA from 100 samples.

Sample Material

  • Epithelial cells. Specimens of mucosa of cervical canal, urethra, vagina
  • Urine
  • Sperm