RealLine Cycler

RealLine Cyclers for Real-Time PCR-Assays are available with a 48 well block or a 96 well block for every kind of lab application:

  • Research
  • Clinical diagnostics (CE IVD)

Both types of devices can be provided with four or five channels: FAM, HEX, ROX, Cy5, optionally Cy5.5.

RealLine Cyclers can be used with any commercially available plates and tubes and can be adjusted very easily.

One computer can control several cyclers and the software for additional computers is provided for free.

For more information please view our Technical Note or ask us!

Product name Cat.No. Packsize
RealLine Cycler 48-4
910484 1 Unit
RealLine Cycler 48-5
910485 1 Unit
RealLine Cycler 96-4
910964 1 Unit
RealLine Cycler 96-5
910965 1 Unit